french chandlier light 1900-1910


French Chandlier Light 1900-1910

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this is something else is how i would describe it.i am using the images that i have before it was rewired...the electrical lamp fitments have been replaced with new white candle holders image this with white candle bulb holders rather than the yellow ones..for anyone that enquiries i can send more up to date images ...butthese are better for first impressions.
ok ..the whole thing is about 16 inches high by about 20 inches at its widest point .the basket is french porcelain ..the branches and leaves are tole ,the 4 bulb holders are ceramic tulips..and there are about 30 porcelain flowers that are held on by spikeson the tole branches.the actual flowers may possibly be 18th century the factories made so many for vases etc is held up with the orgional silk cords and tassels but feel that these will need replaced ..and best for the owner who can do to their colour scheme .1 tulip bulb holder has a small piece put back in ..but this is not noticeable...its rather wonderful



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