masons ironstone miniature ewer 1813-1820


Masons Ironstone Miniature Ewer 1813-1820

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this is again another unusual piece..and is the top of the miniatures in would have been very expensive to buy...its a vase/jug..with a large handle and then a handle at the front as well///like a footbath is hand decorated with gilded panels of flowers..and gold sprig stands 4.5 inches tall the top of the handle 3.75 inches to top of vase...the front handle..this handle has not been off..but has a stress line around one handle..its probably been there since it was made..there is no movement i have wiggled it and looked at it ..its just in the making may have moved slightly in 200 years .the pictures that i have used ..are before i washed the pot to show around the handle ..i have cleaned it ..and the firing is very faint

it also has a very rare mark



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