huge 1840-1850 coalport dinner service


Huge 1840-1850 Coalport Dinner Service

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this is a huge dinner service made around 1840-1850 in porcelain...most likelt coalport has an impressed 2 on each piece...all handpainted ..with a honey comb pattern in blue with a raspberry coloured dot in each segment...the centre with a gilded blue and raspberry star...its very striking..and would look good for formal dining..or for summer buffet,
there are
40 dinner plates 10.5 inches
12 soup plates 10.5 inches
12 cheese or dessert plates 9 inches
13 platters
soup tureen lid and stand
soup tureen and stand no lid
4 veg tureens 2 lids with the rose knobs stapled ,,but usable
4 sauce tureens lids and stands
so in total 102 usable pieces

its a great service and a very good price for someone a great buy



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