an extremely rare japan pattern masons ironstone punch pot 1820-1830


An Extremely Rare Japan Pattern Masons Ironstone Punch Pot 1820-1830

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an extremely rare piece of masons ironstone in the japan pattern dating from around 1820-1830.this is a punch pot and cover ..i think they basically adapted it from a soup tureen shape but removed the it was either used static ..or was cold and so did not need handles .it stands approximately 10 inches high and about 11 inches its a good size.the colours ae crisp and bright .there are a few firing cracks at the edges ..which happened in the kiln..and 1 very small chip that has been professionally restored .otherwise a wonderful and rare find to add to any masons collection,or to a good japan ironstone collection.i have never had one of these in 20 years .



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