large pr of masons ashworth candlesticks 1860-1870


Large Pr of Masons Ashworth Candlesticks 1860-1870

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these are indeed a very rare pr of candlesticks and the largest pr of pottery or ironstone candlesticks that i have owned.they are made by masons ashworth 1860-1870 .they are decorated in the gaudy willow pattern.decorated in black transfer and the clobbered in multi polychromed colours .
they are a pr and i believe have been always together ..picked up and putto gether at the factory im sure .1 stands 12.75 incheshigh and the other 12.5 ..the base of the slightly bigger one is 5.75 inches while the other is 5.5 inches .it you look at the candle holder one is longer than th eother slightly.when they stand apart you cant tell the difference ..but together you can see that they came out of seperate moulds.both have the same mark and pattern number ..they are both perfect.



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