18th century blue chinoiserie dessert service 1770-1790


18th Century Blue Chinoiserie  Dessert Service 1770-1790

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pictures can not do justice to this amazing service .made possibly by enoch woods
in the second part of the 18th century .somewhere between 1770-1790.
it consists of dessert shapes that i have never handled.
2 prs of shell dishes held up on 3 little stick feet,2 very oriental/eastern inspired shapes ,a larger tray and 8 dessert plates all in amazing perfcet condition.its the lightest pearlware.gilded on a blue transfer
2shell shapes 8 inches x 7
2 shell shapes 9 inches x 8
2 shapes 13 inches x 8.75
1 oval tray 13.75 x 11 inches
8 plates 8 inches in diameter .



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