english jasperware p.pourri and cover .possibly dudson 1840


English Jasperware P.Pourri and cover .Possibly Dudson 1840

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this is quite a spectacular vase .the body ,and lids are perfect,it has unfortunately got a few issues with the jasper.
standing 18 inch sot the top of the lid.the diameter of the base pedestal is 6 inches .
lid is perfect as is the inner lid.
there are 3 blue and white jasper panels on the crimson body,which its self is a layer on a white body.
side 1 ..there is a slitter off the white of the frame border of the panel..o..a few flowers missing from the garland
the next side the panel is in excellent condition,1 inch of the garland is missing.
the third panel is ok..slight firing ..again .5 of an inch of the garland is missing.

the base pedestal..has 4 scenes,2 are perfect,1 has lost a head,and the last has lost a lot of the soldiers body.
no mark.the price reflects the condition,but this still displays quite wonderfully.



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