a harlequin set of 12 tea cups and saucers 1838-1840


A Harlequin Set Of 12 Tea cups and Saucers 1838-1840

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a set of 12 harlequin porcelain cups and saucers .in porcelain possibly spode .1838-1840.the crest is that of the earl of lovelace .he was married to lord byron the poet\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s daughter ada whom herself was famous for being a mathematical genius and apparently the very first computer programmer .
they are all handpainted ..with a wonderful crest .there are 3,yellow,3 blue,3 green,e raspberry.i am also listing more cups and saucers that could make a bigger set ..but this is the only harlequin set .it basically will go with any dinner ware .



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