an extremely rare red marked wedgwood botanical dessert service 1812-1822


An Extremely Rare Red Marked Wedgwood Botanical Dessert Service 1812-1822

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this is probably of the rarest and most beautiful dessert services that i have had the pleasure to own .
it is wedgwood porcelain ..printed wedgwood on the back of each piece.circa possibly painted by john sherwin .
it consists of
a prof oval dishes 11 x8 inches
a pr of kite shaped dishes 10.75 x 9 inches
a basket dish 10 x 5 inches
1 footed comport 12 x 7.5 x 4.5 inches
2 sauce tureens on stands
10 plates 8.5 inches in diameter .

the gilt is amazing condition,only slight rubbing of a few plates ..but very minor.
sauce tureens have opening on the lids for ladles..uncertain if this was done outside the factory these opening are not glazed.
each lid has a slight chip on the underneath of lid.



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