a collection of mason contemporary wares 1890-1910


A collection of Mason Contemporary wares 1890-1910

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i love finding the bright pieces of contemporary masons ware made in the late 1900 early 20th century.its bright colour and detailed work,was quite beforeits time ,and was very expensive to buy ..it was mainly cabinet pieces ,it was not made to use .i usually find a piece here and and piece there ..but this is a collection.i have never been able to fill a cabinet with pieces until now .i would like to sell it as a collection .
large yellow dragon charger
orange charger
pheasant bird charger
12 pie edged 10.5 inch plates
2 plates
pair of bowls
orange bowl
yellow bowl
pr of orange vases
larger vase with lid yellow
small vase with lid yellow
yellow vase
yellow vase



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