fantastic pr of masons ironstone vases 1820-1830


Fantastic Pr of Masons Ironstone vases 1820-1830

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these are very hard to discribe and do justice too.i have never had this shape before ..and the pattern is extremely rare.the vases stand 14 inches high..the opening is 9 inches in diameter and the base is 9 inches in diameter..the middle section is approximately diameter.they are a big pr of vases.they have irregularies in that they lean alittle...this actually adds to the charm..they look equally well in a sophistocated setting and also in a rustic setting..would look amazing on a piece of early oak.therer is a firing atthe top of one vase ..that looks like a chip..this has been painted with the pattern and is totally origional.i feel that these vases were obviously hard to get right in the kiln and there for they did not make many.
the pattern is a sort of chintz pattern with pomegranates,moths and birds and bugs inbetween the flowers.i dont think you could get tired..



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