Blue and White Transfer Dinner Service 1880-1890


I am rather in love with this service. Sorry for the not great images , as it was a click and run sort of situation. I am looking forward to displaying this service in a cabinet as I know it deserves to be displayed .


It’s also Perfect for using . This large service is made circa 1880-1890 by Cauldron . A staffordshire company known for making good quality dinnerware. This is a rather unusual set to find . The pattern is called Teutronic. Its a rather classical all over pattern , almost 3 d in effect.

It consists of 36 Dinner plates 10 inches in diameter , 30 Luncheon or dessert plates 9 inches , 9 various sized platters , 4 large veg tureens with lids, decorated on the inside as well and 2 sauce tureens on stands .


All are in crisp perfect condition